Sophia is Saakiiiiitttttttttt

Indonesia-2014 December 9-Sophia and bull

When you learn a language, certain contexts and experiences lead to growth in certain vocabulary. I have great vocabulary when it comes to introducing myself – I can repeat a speel about my life almost without thinking. It goes like this:

Random Indonesian: “Wah!!! Bisa Bahasa Indonesia?!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Wow, you can speak Indonesian??!!).

Me: (For the katrillionth time) “Yaaa biiiisa…sedikit aja” (Yes I can, just a little).

Random Indonesian: “WOOOOWWWW!! Sudah lancer Bahasa Indonesia!! Pintar!!!”. (Wow!! You are already so advanced!!).

Me: (Weak laughter) “Ooohhhh belum ya….” (Oh, not yet!).

Random Indonesian: (Pauses thoughtfully) “Asli dari mana??” (Where are you from?).

Me: “Dari Australiaaa…” (From Australia).

Random Indonesian: “Oh dekat ya?! Sydney? Brisbane?” (Oh, close yeah? From Sydney? Brisbane?).

Me: “Noo…Canberrrraaaaa”

Random Indonesian: (Looks confused – clearly has never heard of Canberra). “Oh, Canberraaaaaa!”.

Random Indonesian: (Pregnant pause) “Kuliah di sini?” (Are you studying here?).

Me: “Ya kuliah” (Yes, studying).

Random Indonesian: “Oh, di mana???”.

Me: “Oh, di UNPAR” (Oh, at UNPAR).

Random Indonesian: “Ohhhh UNPAD!!”.

Me: (With heavy emphasis on the ‘r’) “Nooo, UNPARRRRRRR”.

Random Indonesian: “Oooh, UNPAARRRRRRRRR!!! Parahyangan!!!”.

Me: (Smiles weakly).

And it goes on.

Most recently I have developed an extensive vocabulary in the delightful field of food poisoning. Sophia was lovely enough to visit me in Indonesia, and I can’t tell you how excited I have been to have her!

Indonesia-2014 December 6-Juice bar

Indonesia-2014 December 6-Sophia Angkot

However, as it happens, she has some horrendous tummy problem and we’ve spent the last couple of days in the hospital in Jakarta. On Sunday we left Bandung after a great few days running about my little town. We caught the train up to Jakarta, but what Sophia hoped was just motion sickness turned into full-blown tummy sickness. So Monday was a fun day of constant toilet trips (thank you Pat for having us!). On Tuesday things looked better, so we were able to have a relatively disaster free day. That night Mum and Dad had paid for us to go to Namaaz Dining – an incredible molecular gastronomy restaurant that focuses on Indonesian food. So we went and got our hair and make-up done at T2 Talents which was INCREDIBLE. We walked out looking like Indonesian barbie dolls, but we loved it!

Indonesia-2014 December 9-makeup


Indonesia-2014 December 9-Namaaz

Sophia put on a brave face and ignored her queasy tummy, managing to eat ox tongue and all sorts of unusual Indonesian food. I LOVED the meal….Sophia enjoyed the ‘experience’. (If anyone wants to hear more, I would love to tell you about the popping coconut sorbet, the ‘inside-out’ soup etc etc)…

Indonesia-2014 December 9-Soto

The next morning Sophia went and got sick all over again. Maybe I shouldn’t have forced her to try the ox tongue? So we spent the day quietly, hoping she would get better.

But by the afternoon she was still super sick and very dehydrated…so off to the hospital we went – and straight into emergency. Two days later and she is still having tests done…at this stage we’re hoping she doesn’t have Dengue Fever.

How have I spent the last few days? I’ve been keeping Sophia company. And doing A LOT of sympathy eating. Last night I went to the extent of ordering outrageously expensive take-away, and UNLUCKILY for me they muddled up the order, which UNFORTUNATELY resulted in me eating 6 burgers….


Our hair is gross and we have no clean clothes. I have also lost my toiletries. Tough times my friends.

Oh and did I mention that Sophia is possibly the most optimistic person alive? The number of times she has emerged from the bathroom, hunched over and pale, to exclaim brightly that she “feels soooooo much better” is outrageous – mostly because these comments are generally followed by another bout of sickness! It’s gotten to the point where I can only roll my eyes darkly, and resume eating.

Please send ALL of your healthy vibes to Sophia!!!!!!!!!

Fay x.

Indonesia-2014 December 9-beyod bali



5 thoughts on “Sophia is Saakiiiiitttttttttt

  1. Sophia ,what a trooper – to go and visit Fay and then remain optimistic about the experience after all you have been through .Friends are friends and to go through this together – well you will never forget what you have been through ! Looking forward to seeing you reminisce together! Maybe on the 29th!

  2. …was lovely thankyou Fay and so glad to see you if briefly..hope your Christmas was lovely too…but isn’t it surprising how quickly we move on…take care..Sis xox

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